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Harvard-Smithsonian Research Fellow, working on the Event Horizon Telescope

My name is Joseph Farah. I am a college sophomore, double majoring in physics and math at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I have an intense interest in all things science. Currently, I work at the Harvard-Smithsonain Astrophysical Observatory, conducting original research related to the Event Horizon Telescope and helping take the first picture in human history of a black hole. Previously, I worked at the Harvard Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology, helping CERN build new muon detectors for instantaneous luminosity upgrades to the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider, planned for 2020.

Joseph Farah

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When I'm not ravenously trying to learn new things, you can find me helping in the community and the world. I volunteered for three years at the Museum of Science, teaching basic science concepts to children and adults alike. I was the Vice President of my school's chapter of the National Honors Society, coordinating charity efforts and helping raise money to support and raise awareness of the Yazidis, a minority religious and ethnic group of Northern Iraq that has been systematically decimated by ISIS and assistance for a local family, who lost their home and belongings in a fire.

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These are my ongoing and recently completed projects!

[PUBL] Exploration of a Reconstruction-resistant Image Equalization Metric for the Event Horizon Telescope

[50%] Math foundation complete; paper underway.

[PUBL] Unlocking the structure of symmetric quantum measurements

[50%] Software developed, pattern searching has begun

[PUBL] Preliminary Analyses of Spectral Index and Flux Density Variation in the Spectral Energy Distributions of High Redshift Radio Galaxies

[85%] In peer review stage, will be published in Ohio Journal of Science.

[PROJ] Apollo: the machine learning library for complete beginners

[90%] Framework complete, adding features.

[PROJ] JANUS: framework for consolidating elevation/transmittance/opacity data for the EHT in one hub

[98%] Framework complete, merged with Rodrigo's weather prediction code.

[PUBL] Test of the Micromegas Trigger Processor with Cosmic Ray Muons

[100%] Completed, internal ATLAS note

[PUBL] All the Sparks We Cannot See

[100%] Completed, internal ATLAS note

[PUBL] Performance of a Micromegas octuplet after removing the major cause of MMFE8 noise

[100%] Completed, internal ATLAS note

[PROJ] CORAL: a tool to track global coral reef bleaching in real time

[100%] Software complete. Demo'd at Boston Python Presentations.

[PROJ] combineTPGBT: speeding up the LHC's muon detection. #1 contributor to LPPC DataFormat repo.

[100%] Software complete. Presented for CERN in August 2017.



I'd love your feedback!

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Harvard Smithsonian-Astropysical Observatory/Black Hole Iniative
160 Concord Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
Work contact info: Search for "Farah"
Email: jrfarah1999 AT gmail DOT com

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